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Our commitment to thorough preparation, attention to detail and exhaustive due diligence have a positive impact on the entire leasing process.

Tenant Representation

Greenwood Lane Inc.’s Commercial Team has the experience needed to help ensure that you find the perfect location and space for your business or organization. Through a combination of experience, professionalism and focus on your objectives we can support your search for the perfect location.

To begin the process please contact:

Bill Greenwood



Market Overview

Today's HRM office market is experiencing the greatest vacancy levels in recent years. It has become a so called "buyers' market" where Landlords are competing for both new Tenants and renewing existing Tenants. If you have a Lease coming due this is an opportune time for negotiating a renewal or to evaluate other opportunities in the market place. A professional leasing representative can lead you in the right direction with distinct advantages. We work for you and in your best interest. After all, for many companies the cost of occupancy is one of the largest costs. With no obligation, we kindly ask for the opportunity to discuss with you our range of services we incorporate for leasing office premises.

Tenant Representation:

Allow our firm to represent you in the negotiation and/or search of office space. Greenwood Lane Inc. has over 25 years of experience in the commercial office field. We know the market and we have a strong understanding of the opportunities that currently exist. We simply ask you to sign an engagement letter which allows us to search the market for office space that fits your needs, and budget.

Cost Associated

At your convenience, we would like to show you how we can save you money on your occupancy costs without the direct costs of our services. We work with Landlords who in most instances will pay for our professional fee.

When to begin the process?

The earlier the better. The more time we have the more time we have to find opportunities. Time is required to meet with staff ensure the best possible alternatives can be determined either with your existing Landlord or another.